Essay about Developing A Strategic Vision And Decision Making Class

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Writing Log #2 There is one thing that I know in this world, and one thing only, and that is how to successfully operate while in the military. Throughout my entire academic experience that is all I have linked my personal experiences to. However, I am going to stray away from the norm and talk about developing a strategic vision with it pertaining to something other than my military experience, and that is my collegiate experience. So what is a strategic vision and how do we go about developing it? A strategic vision is simply described as the direction you want to take a firm in order to achieve your goals. It is my belief that we have already seen this “strategic vision” in our Strategic Management and Decision Making class. A couple weeks ago we had a visit from 100% St. Pete who is working with the Sierra Club to transition St. Petersburg to 100% renewable, safe, and reliable energy, which coincidently is the short hand version of their goal, or strategic vision. As we know coming up with a strategic vision is just the first step, communicating the strategic vision is just as important as developing one, because what is a strategic vision if it either doesn’t make sense or cannot be well communicated from the upper-level managers all the way down to its lowest employee. In this case I believe that we as a class would be considered one of their “employees”. So it was paramount to the overall success of the strategic vision that we understand what direction…

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