Developing A Strategic Human Resource Development Essay

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In face of the challenges emerged in recent decades due to globalization, a common set of pressures are imposed to all markets across the globe. The phenomenon is characterised by growing interconnectedness of the international economy, more fragmented markets, fundamentally shifted production and sourcing relations, and rapid pace of technological advancement. In order to survive in this highly competitive business environment, ensuring sustainable competitive advantages has been a critical strategy for all organizations. Since competence and capabilities as a source of competitiveness are the internal resources which embedded in the workforce, adopting a strategic human resource development (SHRD) approach with a strong strategy shaper role is pivotal as “organizations in the new economy have come to realize that employee expertise is a vital and dynamic living treasure. The desire for employee expertise is meaningless unless an organisation can develop it in ways that respond to business needs.” (Torraco and Swanson, 1995).
In this essay, characteristics and why organizations need to adopt SHRD approach will first be explored. Then there will be discussion covering actions HR practitioners can take to ensure an effective SHR implementation in practice.

SHRD definitions and reasons of adopting SHRD in organizations
The purpose of strategy is to provide direction to the organisations and all organisations have this need. Clardy (2008: 183) advocated “strategy…

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