Essay about Developing A Personal Strategic Plan

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The aim of this paper is to develop a personal strategic plan conceived to be executed in a three years’ timeframe. This plan will consider distinct areas in my life that I find most relevant as well as it will be designed to help me to establish priorities and accomplish my life goals. Since life change is a process, depending on the life goal a person want to achieve, he may find that he is not yet completely prepared and he may require time to simply consider rolling out the improvement. It is believed that an individual is more likely to succeed when he identifies what stage of progress he is in, and how it may shape his plans. Furthermore, when working on a personal plan, it can be hard to succeed if physical, mental and spiritual health are neglected. In other words, a self-care is essential to make your goals more achievable (Jonikas and Cook, 2014). Therefore, this personal strategic plan will include three operational plans based on each of the three areas: health, career and personal goals and objectives to work towards the vision and mission achievement.

Background A comprehension of a previous background is necessary to gather information and begin to develop the strategic plan. Starting from my academic background that constitutes of a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration which I completed with top grades in 2010 at Fecap University Centre in Brazil. Now, six years later, I am about to graduate from a Master’s degree of Science…

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