Essay about Developing A Partnership With Parents

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Family centres really help out different varieties of families and build a partnership with parents, for example foreign families or single parents. They support them and build a relationship with the parents involved in the child’s life. Communication is a main barrier for family centres and their children. However this has improved a vast amount during the years by providing translators or having welcome packs in different languages. Hewison (2004) suggested that language was an issue of power and how it is manipulated in organisations. Organisations could be examined in terms of what the common language, symbols displayed and rituals performed actually means. Research from Walsh and Ford (1989) shows that some elements were used for this approach in their comparison of the ‘real world’ of clinical nursing with form finding concerning clinical practice. The core purpose of children’s centres is to improve the outcomes for young children and their families, this also helps reduce inequalities between families in greatest need and their peers in. Children centres help the children’s child development and their school readiness, parenting aspirations and parenting skills and child and family health and life chances. Family centres also include parents from different cultures which might be finding it hard to settle in the UK with a new born. (2013)
According to Schneider et al (2007) Sure Start children centres key points will be to clarify what…

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