Developing A Mobile App Is A Good Solution And Suits Port Aventura Current Situation

1070 Words Sep 7th, 2014 5 Pages
Developing a mobile app can be a good solution and suits Port Aventura current situation. This alternative can obtain large amounts of individual customers information, which include their behavior in the park. However, there are still number of customers that do not have these devices. Thus, Port Aventura should also introduce contactless smart card alternative to solve this problem, so customers who do not have these devices can also get the benefit from it. Moreover, they can use different design apart from the card shape. For instance, it can be a wearable tag, such as necklace or wristband. Basically these two alternatives are in the same purpose, which better understands the customers and provide personalized services to them.

In addition, Port Aventura should offer different discount or promotion to the customers who use mobile devices or smart card as a mobile payment solution. It is because Port Aventura will need these data for market analysis. If there is no benefit to customers, it is very difficult for them to use it. Furthermore, Port Aventura can launch free Wi-Fi in their theme park. Wi-Fi is wireless technology that allows customers to connect to the Internet. It can give customers information of the park, such as downloading maps and e-coupons, which increase customer satisfaction. More importantly, Wi-Fi technology can determine devices’ location based on the Wi-Fi hotspots. It let Port Aventura to clear understand the customer distribution in the park.…

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