Developing A Healthy Leadership Plan Essay

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Developing a Healthy Leadership Plan
Leadership and Resilience
Leadership requires resilience, which can be defined as “the ability to adapt and strengthen in the face of challenge, trauma, or stress” (Bolman & Gallos, 2011 p.198). It is important for academic administrators and leaders to remember that learning is at the center of effective leadership and it is imperative that great leaders learn how to strengthen their resilience in the face of failure. Developing a healthy leadership plan can help to strengthen these skills and develop good practices. The following paper will illustrate a newly constructed leadership plan for Fiscal Analyst II, at Francis Marion University, Brittney Vereen. In addition, it will consider the best practices that were used to aid in the development of her leadership plan; as well as, the needs, interest, and preferences used to support it.
The Makeup
When developing the makeup for a clear leadership plan, Brittney focused the following six key steps: have a clear vision, develop clear morals and values, create definitive goals and action plans, keep a positive attitude and open communication skills, know and utilize strengths, and continued education. It is suggested that academic leaders can increase their odds of developing a clear leadership plan that embodies resilience if they continue to practice their craft (Bennis & Thomas, 2008). It was important for Brittney to realize that she will always have a choice in interpreting and…

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