Developing A Health Education Plan And Intervention Essay

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Health Education: From Theory to Practice
Oxygen is one of the most essential and vital requirements for human existence. Other basic components for survival such as eating, drinking, and sleeping are crucial, but without the breath of life and the simple act of inspiration, which fills our lungs and blood with oxygen, nothing becomes more basic and necessary for life. We will be assessing the needs and the issues related to clean air and the respiratory health issue of asthmatic children living in Fresno County. We will assess the local health needs and issues along with verifying relevant data so that we can determine what types of health education actions would be appropriate to this particular population. Not only will we be assessing the needs of the of this target population we will also be developing a health education plan and intervention related to the emerging health issue identified.
Asthma is a chronic respiratory issue that leaves sufferers breathless with fits of coughing and wheezing (The Great Valley Center, 2008). The development of urban sprawl and its uncontrolled growth in rural undeveloped areas in the Central Valley along with industrial growth has spurred the increase of polluted air in our region (Marsa, 2013). Waste and soil from dairies and farmlands, pesticides, increased emissions from industry and vehicles and dust particles that have entered into our valley from increased population and transportation along Highway 99 and Interstate 5, have…

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