Developing A Dynamic Learning Experience Essay

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Thinkscape by Enable Education is an LTI-compliant LMS bolt-on solution, specifically tailored to support learning that is hands-on, collaborative, problem-based and engaging. Thinkscape is composed of 4 products designed to work with an existing LMS:
· APP is a web and mobile platform which gives students a hands-on experience and facilitates meaningful independent learning. At their fingertips, they have instruction, just-in-time support, inline assessment, and tools to generate reports.
· Ink is the authoring system. Existing material can be converted to an interactive format in Thinkscape in under 30 minutes, and easily integrate additional help and assessment features to build a dynamic learning experience.
· Manager is the analytics tool. Individual and group learning progress can be captured in real-time. Profs and TAs can see at-a-glance which groups are succeeding, and identify those who are struggling. The data is all there: from individual activity moment-by-moment, to aggregate course-wide statistics.
· Marketplace is an app store for lab content. Instructors can download and purchase labs, and authors can share, and sell.

Despite the benefits of increased student engagement as a result of enhanced kinaesthetic involvement, as well as increased intrinsic interest and motivation, hands-on learning experiences are also considered to have higher logistical, financial, and temporal costs when compared with other approaches to STEM…

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