Developing A Diverse Educational Program Essay

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Education in the United States, many people are trying to figure out how to fix the educational system. The key to reaching higher achievement is a strong cultural value that is conducive to understanding the value of education. Family support is a big influence to cultural values and education. Community the culmination of culture, family and local environment variables that works towards a common goal. Understanding these aspects will help school administrators in developing a diverse educational program that would guide students to reach their maximum potential in school. There were three mini documentaries that one could see how all these factors helped students excel in school. Watching “An Education in Equality” will demonstrate how Families can impact a child’s learning, combined with “Education Starts at Home” one would see how a school tries to incorporate the child’s living situation. “A Military Education” demonstrates how building a community has aided students to become the top performers in their school. “An Education” shows how a family assimilates into a new country in which the children learn a new language wile adapting to a new culture has helped them excel in a Russian school. These articles display all aspects of how many factors has a big impact on education.
Building a Culture
There are many ways that education can be impacted, culture is the key and the overarching factor in education. Culture set the beliefs and priorities for a group…

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