Developing A Complete Vision And An Executable Strategy Essay

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Formulating and executing decisions will always be a major component in one 's life, especially when part of a free society where self-determination becomes a pathway to existentialism. Nonetheless, an individual’s elections remain tethered to themselves just as its accountability. Those decisions have the potential to wreak havoc on their owners as evidenced by severe financial repercussions and the accompanying remorse, regret and lament so inconveniently provided as a constant psychological reminder. For that reason, any method fashioned should employ some harmonious balance between throwing all caution to the wind at one end of the spectrum and paralyzing analysis or trepidation at the other. And while no one can guarantee protection from uncertainty, the ability to minimize the destructive nature of certain critical decisions can be enhanced by ensuring constancy within an established framework constructed around a goal or objective. Developing a complete vision and an executable strategy to achieve a prescribed end refers to the process known as strategic planning.

The following strategic planning model shown in Figure 3.1 represents a scalable, generic structure for determining a broadly defined goal and subsequent execution of tasks necessary to bring about its fruition. In any event, it offers a flexible and capable tool for use in highly sophisticated organizations right down to single individuals with a lifelong dream and anything in between. The model…

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