Developing A Behavioral Framework For Teaching An Entire Fighting System

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Life is inherently stressful, each and every person that is born with undoubtedly experience countless events that will illicit some form of suffering. People die and there is a varying amount of fear that one will experience around that. As humans we hurt each other, -sometime incidentally, other times intentionally- which naturally produces some form of anxiety. While it is beyond the scope of this work, or any work for that matter, to address all of the problems of existence this paper aims to develop a more effective and efficient way of addressing an issue that individuals can influence and that is the issue of violence. By violence I am attempting to address dealing with a direct and immediate threat from another human that is intentionally trying to illicit physical harm to oneself. This work is attempting to develop a behavioral framework for teaching an entire fighting system to an individual.

In this instance it is crucial to explicitly state the problem behavior as well as the target behavior. The problem behavior is shutting down and allowing a malicious individual to harm oneself physically. The target behaviors that this work focuses on developing an understanding of Bassai-dai -a prearranged sequence of techniques in Karate that traditional functions as an entire combative system- to participants to increase how well one can effectively stop an aggressor. This work always assumes a worst-case scenario and will not address types of violence avoidance and…

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