Developing A Background On Human Development And Poverty Essay

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The literature review aims at developing a background upon which the findings of the study can be discussed and understood. Section 1, the introduction already established that human development and poverty as core topics in economics and development and therefore many studies have been done in the past in the area both in academics and at the policy level. To develop a background upon which the findings can be discussed and understood, therefore requires focus on three key areas; the theory and knowledge of human development and poverty, trends in human development and poverty across the world and policies that have been applied in addressing human development and poverty.
The literature shows that the concepts of human development and poverty are closely related with poverty levels being used in most areas as a subset of the level of human development. However, given the special attention that is given the two concepts in the policies they are evaluated separately.
Human development is not a new concept since as early as 1700s there are records of leaders trying to unite people into republics and societies that would be able to guarantee them a better life through productivity and security (Welzel et a., 2003 p. 343). However, the modern assessment of human development has been traceable to developmental economics since the end of World War 2 when the reconstruction of societies and restoration of national dignity among countries were critical agendas (Ranis et al., 2006…

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