Develop and Implement Policies & Procedures to Support the Safe Guarding of Children and Young People

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We make sure at C and C we have policies and procedures in place for safeguarding and child protection: * protects children and young people from harm and abuse * enables staff to know what to do if they are worried * Shows that our staff is responsible and has pride in its work.
In England the law states that people who work with children have to keep them safe. This safeguarding legislation is set out in The Children Act (1989) and (2004). It also features in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (to which the UK is a signatory) and sets out the rights of children to be free from abuse. The Government also provides guidance in their document Working Together to Safeguard Children 2013.
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His mother pleaded guilty to causing the death of a child and she and her lodger were found guilty on the 11th November 2008. Peter was part of a multi- agency child protection plan and was known to have been seen more than 60 occasions by professionals before his death on August 3rd 2007 aged just 17 months.
The agencies involved were too willing to believe Peters’ mothers account of events. They seemed to be very trusting of Peter’s mother who was reinforced by her presentation and behaviour such as; co-operating with professionals and appointments, positive response to offers of help, initiation of communications with professionals, relaying information between them. After the Baby P incident there were many things which were looked into and the agency were found to be; lacking urgency, lacking thoroughness, insufficiently challenging to the parent, lacking action in response to reasonable interface, insufficiently focussed on the child’s welfare, based on too high a threshold for intervention and based on expectations that were too low.
Overall the result of the Baby P incident meant a review on the child protection plan.

What are your roles and responsibilities for reporting information on possible abuse to a senior colleague or external agency and how and to whom should you pass on information from a child or young person’s allegations of abuse.

If any member of staff is concerned about a child he or she must inform

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