Devastating Racism in 'The Martian Chronicles' by Ray Bradbury's

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Devastating Racism in The Martian Chronicles

Martian Luther King Jr. enlightened us with his dream "of a country where every man will respect the dignity and worth of the human personality." The world watched his glorious speech, amazed with his fluency, honesty, and intelligence. People such as M. L. King Jr. revolutionized Black equality in North America. He contributed to the [almost] barrier free society for any race. Today, societal racism is almost obsolete and the majority of citizens are open-minded and accepting of different races.

Though as displayed in Ray Bradbury 's The Martian Chronicles, racism against African-Americans is evident in their society. Exploitation and Ignorance of this minority is also communicated. These
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Teece 's employee. When another young black man, Teece 's employee, returns upon leaving to return his bicycle, is confronted by Mr. Teece about contract conflicts. Though, it is obvious that the confrontation is mainly on principle and belittlement, perhaps Mr. Teece would have problems tidying his store or finding another employee. Even though both the Teece 's 'need ' their Negro employees neither treats them with dignity. More so Mr. Teece, when referring to Silly as "boy" (p.

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