Deuteronopia Case Study

a) Define Deuteronopia. b) What causes it? c) Why is it more frequent in males than females? d) Contrast the two types of receptor cells in the retina, and describe the retina’s reaction to light.

Deuteranopia is when someone is colorblind, which results from the exposure to green light, causing the person to be confused, mixing up the colors as green, red, and yellow. Color blindness is caused by the green sensitive cones. In addition, deuteranopia is caused by a genetic condition where it is passed down from your parents and you are born with that effect. It is more frequent in males than females because the gene which causes this condition to be passed down is carried on the X chromosome, where the females are normally the carrier
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a) Distinguish between absolute and difference threshold, and b) discuss whether we can sense stimuli below our absolute threshold and be influenced by them.
Absolute threshold is where it lets an individual know if they can hear the sound half the time of different sound levels. Thus, it is the minimum amount of stimulation that is needed to respond to a certain light, sound, pressure, taste or odor. In addition, half the time, an individual will be able to respond to the sound, and the other half would not be able to detect the sound. The half point is where you find the absolute threshold. However, the difference of threshold is where it is the minimum amount of difference where a person can recognize between any two stimulation for half the time. This involves the distance of the stimulation where we can hear certain sounds differently from various distances. Furthermore, we can sense stimuli below our absolute threshold and be influenced by them because at or a little below of the absolute threshold, because it is the 50-50 point we will still be able to recognize the stimuli half or some of the time. This can affect individuals because we can unconsciously sense and be affected by subliminal stimuli where our sensations make us do certain things to

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