Detroit Public Schools Are Drowning Essay

1885 Words Jan 26th, 2016 null Page
Detroit public schools are drowning in a whopping 515 million dollar debt, and the options to survive are dwindling. Sadly, this is happening at the expense of the roughly 52,000 students struggling to strive at the district. These students are walking into school with an unsteadiness about them because of the irrational circumstance circulating the schools. With rats running, floors fumbling, and ceilings cracking, the students are in fear that their school may not survive the day. The teachers are striking because of the unreasonable conditions, but what are their options to bring attention to this emotional issue? Taking into consideration the 52,000 students attending school in Detroit, these students have to go to school. It is impossible for 52,000 children to be roaming the city searching for a pastime, but what are the other options to ensure stability in the future for this school district? The sick-out occurring in Detroit is harming the students, in the eyes of Governor Rick Snyder, but this is one option to show society the harsh reality of the DPS school system. The “sick-out” supporters believe that the government is to blame for this tragedy of a school system. But others, including Governor Snyder, blame the school administration and management processes and staff, and people who disagree with both of these opposites are pushing to disregard the “blame game” and fix the issue. Detroit public schools have lost an immense portion of their enrollment…

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