Essay On Deterrence Theory Of Punishment

The Deterrence Theory of Punishment is the theory that states that people will not break the law, or rules, because they are scared of getting caught and being punished. This means that people are less or more likely to commit a crime or do something they aren’t supposed to based on the level of punishment or outcome. The Deterrence Theory of Punishment relates to the Road because there are several parts in the book where this applies. For example, when they find the bodies in the basement, they do not help them because they know that if they do, they will get caught and hurt themselves. This theory is important to this world because it is a world where you have to constantly watch your back and protect yourself. Meaning that in this world every decision you make has to be well thought out and the outcome needs to be weighed in the process of making that decision. It is an “eat or get eaten” world and they definitely need to pick what to eat wisely. At one point in the story, the man and …show more content…
Ely is and old man that the boy has a “soft spot” and asks his dad to stay with them. The dad is very reluctant because he knows that the man is a stranger and he can not trust just anyone around his child. The theory of deterrence once again comes into play because the man needs to decide whether the man is to be trusted around him and his child. The man could turn out to be very dangerous or very friendly. The decision is made depending on what he thinks is best for them. In the story, the man says, You can’t go with us, you know, the man said. He nodded. How long have you been on the road? I was always on the road. You can’t stay in one place. How do you live? I just keep going. I knew this was coming. You knew it was coming? Yeah. This or something like it. I always believed in it” (McCarthy 168). Although the man is friendly, they realize it is best for them if they all go their own

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