Determinism Case Study

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Name-Chiagozie Harry Okeke
Course-PHIL 108-03 (Moral social problems)
Instructor-Andres Perez


1-Discuss the different ways in which freedom can be compatible with determinism.


According to (Consider Ethics text book on page 224), Freedom and determinism can be compatible with Simple Compatibilism, which according to David Hume, he claimed that ‘’all the puzzles and disputes about free will result from sloppy and confused use of language. Therefore, if we think carefully, and avoid verbal entanglements, then free will is a simple and obvious matter, and all mankind both learned and ignorant, have always had same opinion
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Pojman): I support the Pojman’s view on making death penalty very legitimate, reason because according to (page 269 of Consider Ethics), Pojman talked about ‘’Retribution’’ which he said that, Human begins have dignity as self-conscious rational agents who are able to act morally. Therefore, one could maintain that it is precisely their moral goodness or innocence that bestows dignity and a right to life on them. And he attributes that intentionally taking the life of an innocent human being is so evil that absent mitigating circumstances, the perpetrator forfeits his own right to life. He or She deserves to die. Pojman argument on retribution holds three propositions, which are as follows: 1) that all the guilty deserves to be punished. 2) that only the guilty deserves to be punished and 3) that the guilty deserved to be punished in proportion to the severity of their crime.
Another reason, I support Pojman argumentative view on making death penalty legitimate is on (page 270 of Considered Ethics) on ‘’Deterrence’’. Here, Pojman strongly holds that by executing convicted murderers we will deter the would be murderers from killing innocent people. Therefore, I will say Pojman argument is more persuasive than that of Stephen B.

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