Determining The Gender Of A Child Has Not Always Been An Option

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The future of what citizens thought would be years from now, is now becoming today. The idea of determining the gender of a child has not always been an option. When technology was created to allow parents to choose their child’s sex is when the contention came about. Some believe sex selection is an appropriate choice. On the other hand, others think couples shouldn’t have the option because it’s experimental and messes with the course of natural selection. Either way, gender determination is becoming a world wide known option for essentially everyone. We will take a look at reasons why it’s a suitable path to take as well as reasons for it being unethical and why.
People tend to resort to gender selection for more than just an elective reason, but for medical reasons as well. Some parents have the fear of their child being born a boy with a genetic disorder like hemophilia. Because boys tend to develop diseases like this more than girls, it can be avoided by using this process. It changes the mom’s chromosome patterns to give them a girl instead of what may have a boy.
Another medical reason may be psychological. Couples may have lost a child due to many different medical issues. It could’ve been because the mom had a miscarriage before her boy or girl was born or the baby died after birth because of complications. Therefore she wants to try another time and have a child of the same gender as before. Many parents resort to sex selection because they want a…

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