Determine Leadership Style Essay

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Determining Leadership Styles BD LDR/531 30 August 2010 Determining Leadership Styles One of the most important tasks any business leader must undertake is a personal assessment. An honest inventory of skills, strengths and weaknesses of a business leader can give insight into those areas that need improvement as well as those that can be accepted and learned to work around. A personal inventory also give the business leader the power of information, which a business leader can then use to create situations that emphasize strengths for more consistently positive outcomes. As a business …show more content…
This model describes in a general way the interacting effects of managerial behaviors and situational variables on the intervening variables that determine the performance of a work unit. First, let us explore what intervening variables are. Yulk notes that the Intervening variables on how the leader can influence the performance of a group or organization units is based on the following six variables: task commitment, ability and role clarity, organization of the work, corporation and mutual trust, resource and support, and finally external coordination. These intervening variables interact with each other to determine the effectiveness of a group or organizational units. They also have a serious deficiency in a way that it may lower the group effectiveness. Yulk also adds that the situational variables that influence on intervening variables is dependent upon the effects of formal reward system and the intrinsically motivating properties of the work itself. Member commitment to perform the task effectively will be greater if the organization has a reward system that provides attractive rewards contingent on performance; and intrinsic motivation is the motivation of subordinates on interesting and challenging works that requires highly varied skills and provides automatic feedback about the performance. A basic idea of this theory is that actions of leadership to correct any

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