Determinants Of Performance For Job Essay

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Medical and Health Services Managers, work in growing industry in healthcare organizations and responsible for planning, directing and coordinating medical and health service in hospitals, clinics, managed care facilities, public health agencies, nursing homes and other related organizations (ONet, 2016). The titles for this position vary and a sample list provided by ONet (2016) includes the following and in the Appendix:
Clinical Director, Health Information Management Director, Health Manager, Mental Health Program Manager, Nurse Manager or Director, Office Manager, Practice Manager, Practice Administrator, and Program Manager(para. 2).
Determinants of Performance for Job A healthcare manager is required to have a wealth of knowledge as a successful leader in a dynamic field that includes Declarative Knowledge (DK) described as knowledge of specifics, as well as Procedural Knowledge (PK) described as knowing how to do something, and must be highly Motivated (M) to perform in a top strategic leadership position (Adelaide & Zeithaml, 2003). Types of knowledge require mastering task performance in areas of directing, supervision, and evaluation of medical staff, fiscal operations, awareness in medicine, government regulations, financial, planning and coordination of medical staff, with open and continuous communication across the organization and between governing boards. Contextual performance
Work Environment Factors Influencing Performance In healthcare reform has…

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