Determinants Of Migration Essay

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Determinants of migration
Different factors affect migration which includes economic social and ecological consideration, which are affected by individual’s perceptions and behavior. This factors operate together in order to push and pull migrants (Makonnen, 2006)
4. Economic factors
Economic factors are often regarded as the major motivation for migration. The main economic factors are the search for employment. Population pressure on land rural poverty, biased development policies and unequal growth levels between regions land fragmentation in equalities in the distribution of and are major case. Local wages rate variations also led to migration flows.
5. Social factors
These include social oppression, armed conflict, political control and the availability of facilities such as housing, education and health. The most extreme example of migration caused by social factors is that of refugees “persons who owing to well founded fear of persecutions for reasons of race, religion, nationality
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The greater difference in economic opportunities between the rural and urban areas the greater will toe the rural-urban migration the pull factors “such as better work opportunities, attraction of the town life and civil amenities, the same impact young people to migrate. Although such: pull factors are particularly applicable to migration of middle class people, yet factors are particularly applicable to migration of middle class people, yet it’s quite possible that some ambitions people from lower start of society may move to the town under influence of pull factors. The prevalence of unemployment and under employment in the sending areas was among the lending “push factors” of migration (Befekadu,

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