Detective Will Dormer And Hap Eckhart Essay

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Two LAPD detectives are called to Nightmute, Alaska when 17-year-old Kay Connells is found murdered. During this time, detective Will Dormer and Hap Eckhart are under investigation from Internal Affairs regarding one of Dormer’s old cases. The first night there, Eckhart reveals to Dormer that IA has offered him immunity in exchange for his testimony. He also tells Dormer that he will accept the deal, infuriating Dormer. The next day, Dormer comes up with a plan to lure the suspect in the Connells’ case back to the scene of the crime. However, the plan fails and the police give chase. During the chase, the suspect shoots one officer in the leg. Dormer continues on and sees and shoots one lone figure in the fog, assuming it is the suspect. When he comes closer, he realizes that he actually shot his partner. As Eckhart struggles to breathe, he accuses Dormer of purposely shooting and killing him. Remembering the IA investigation, Dormer knows that they will never believe that he shot Eckhart on accident. He then creates the lie that Eckhart was shot by the suspect. Just to be careful, the police chief puts Ellie Burr, a young police officer, in charge of investigating Eckhart’s shooting. The police are able to find the first bullet that the suspect shot. Dormer knows that he needs to act fast and switches the bullet with one from a .38 caliber. Feeling guilty over the death of his partner, Dormer begins to suffer from insomnia. Dormer then begins receiving calls from the…

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