Detection System ( Ids ) Essay

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avoiding such attacks such as Intrusion Detection System (IDS) which is the most popular method of defense [29].
A defense federation is used in [29] for guarding against such attacks. Under this technique each cloud is loaded with separate IDS. The different intrusion detection systems work on the basis of information that is exchange between these systems. In case a specific cloud is under attack, the cooperative IDS alert all other components in the system. Trustworthiness of a cloud is decided by voting, so that the overall system performance is not compromised.
C) Cookie Poisoning
It is method of modifying the contents of cookie by an attacker to gain unauthorized information about the user for the purpose of identity theft. Attacker can access the user’s existing account using this attack. Cookies contain the user’s authorized identity related credentials and once these cookies are accessible, the content of these cookies can be forged to act as an authorized user. Implementing encryption schemes and cleaning up caches are the two methods that are used for avoiding cookie poisoning [30].
D) Hidden Field Manipulation
Some websites embed hidden fields within web pages pass state information between the server and client. If these hidden fields are not handled properly then these might reveal some sensitive information. It allows attacker to report the page back to the server, change the information stored in these fields [ ]. This may result in severe security…

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