Detailed Summary of a Man Named Dave Essay

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Detailed Summary of a Man Named Dave

A Man Named Dave is the third installment of Dave Pelzer's life. It tells the story of Dave Pelzer struggling to get money and to survive in society and how he tries to overcome his memories of being abused as a child. For those who haven’t read the first two books (The Child Called It, and The Lost Boy) this book starts with Dave remembering the last day of abuse with his mother on March 4, 1973. He describes being hit in the throat with a broom, pushed down steps and choked; he was then rescued on March 5, 1973. His childhood years with his mom, who is entitled as ‘The Mother’, were the most abusive years any child could imagine; but that was all a flashback. There are many spontaneous flashbacks
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And within a couple of days his father passes away. When Dave goes to his old childhood home, his mother reacts with much drama and emotion over his father's death. Pelzer takes a job outside of the Air Force, as a cook. He hates his life and hides in his work. However, Pelzer receives a new assignment to work as the cook on Project Phantom, in Egypt. This new job gives Dave satisfaction and he no longer feels worthless after his father’s death. In the summer of 1984, Dave moves to a new apartment complex, where he meets Patsy, an attractive young girl. Soon they start dating, and the two have an unplanned pregnancy. They soon get married in February1986; very few people actually come to the wedding. Dave, his wife and his child, Stephen, all go on a visit to Dave’s mother’s house. There he finds his mother to be very sick and he feels sorry for her. As he was leaving the home, Dave fears that he will also be an evil parent just like his mother. Because of financial and other issues, Dave and Patsy get divorced. Dave feels that he is a horrible father because of the divorce. But a few years later Dave starts to work on another project and begins to enjoy his success. He buys a new home on the Russian River, the house of his dreams. He then proposes to Marsha, a woman that he truly admired. Stephen and Dave visit very often and Stephen goes through everything pretty well. He encourages

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