Essay on Detached And Dependent On Technology

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Detached and Dependent on Technology Currently, there is not a direction one can face where technology is not pressing humanity in our modern world. Technological innovations were made in vast leaps and bounds over the last two decades; therefore, completely transforming daily life as society once knew it. During this exponential rise of technology, the focus was placed irresponsibly on the benefits. Currently being studied, the emerging detriments of technology are alarming. The negative impacts of overuse and dependency affect many areas of life, such as driving safety, psychological health, educational interference, medical training, children, and family life. The world has become overly dependent technology. It is true that technology promotes improvements in many areas of society, but at what cost? Ignoring a juxtaposition of possible benefits versus the drawbacks leads to overuse and dependence. The overuse of technology such as video games, cell phones, and computers detaches people from reality while making them feel more “connected.” This is a festering problem in society and it is being instilled in younger generations. This issue is best summarized by Todd Essig when referring to overuse:
“Life on a screen and life as it 's always been known have gotten terribly out of balance. We have not yet developed cultural conventions to help us best make use of emerging information technologies, nor do we know what they are doing to us when we rely on them. Familiar…

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