Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Analysis

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To many, war is perceived as a heroic and valiant course of action that is intended to bring about the existence of peace and democracy in the world. However, war is in fact the exact opposite. It is actually a diminutive, wicked, and gluttonous force that impels fellow human beings to fight amongst one another until death befalls one of them while disturbing the innocent in the process. To get a glimpse of just how malevolent war is, envision the fact that it will kill your children and grandchildren before they fully reach adulthood; or scar them physically and/or psychology, thereby inhibiting them to enjoy the remainder of their lives. Imagine your brothers and sisters being taught the process to take the life of another human being – and to hate people that are in the …show more content…
As already mentioned, the environment and the permanent displacement of people are examples of lasting after-effects. However, many people forget about the people that actually live to see the world after the war. The veterans that survive suffer from multiple psychological disorders from the repetitive images of warfare. The most common disorder from this particular exposure is known as post-traumatic stress disorder or more commonly known as PTSD. Once someone has this unfortunate disorder, they will have violent and unwanted flashbacks of and experience severe emotional distress when reminded about a particular traumatic event from the war. Furthermore, the intensity of these recurring memories increase as time passes. Consequently, the distress incurred is simply unbearable for some veterans. In fact, a study by the Department of Veterans Affairs stated that over 30% of all veterans have considered suicide and that veterans are twice as likely to commit suicide as the average citizen. For those that don’t have the courage to kill themselves, often are unable to live their lives to its utmost

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