Essay on Destruction Of Texting While Driving

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Destruction of Texting While Driving Everyone from young children to grandparents that get into a vehicle are at risk due to what I call a growing epidemic. This growing epidemic as I call it is the result of texting while driving and it puts everyone that gets into a vehicle at risk for a serious or even fatal accident. Even with the risk involved millions of individuals continue to text while driving therefore the laws should be changed in that everyone is penalized at the same level as a commercial driver.
Problem Analysis
Texting originally began on December 3, 1992 when Neil Papworth sent the first sort message service (SMS) to his friend’s phone, Richard Jarvis, who was attending a Christmas party across town. Richard was unable to respond back to the SMS because phones at that time were not equipped with SMS or text messaging capabilities. However, it did not take long for phones to become equipped with SMS or text messaging and by 1993 phones were being manufactured with SMS capabilities. Through the evolution of texting capabilities we have seen a number of input options on a cellular devices. The input options include the original input method of pressing corresponding keys to access the alphabet, Tegic or better known as the T9 system, full QWERTY keyboards on phones, to the latest touch screen method. Even by 1997 texting hadn’t completely taken off to become the epidemic that it is now because it was still costly to text especially for those who had…

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