Destroying Avalon Review - Cyber Bullying Focus Essay

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I am writing in regards to your request for submissions of the inclusion of certain novels on the Australian Literature Society website. The novel ‘Destroying Avalon’ by Kate McCaffrey explores significant issues confronting contemporary Australia making it justifiable for its inclusion on the website. As a relatively modern novel, being published in 2006, the issues explored are contemporary and readers can relate in a realistic manner. The issues of cyber bulling, a new aged phenomenon and acceptance throughout the teenage hierarchy are discussed and I feel this novel addresses many issues faced by young Australians on a realistic and contemporary level. Destroying Avalon gives insight to its readers who hopefully inturn will recognise …show more content…
160) which is identifiable and coincides with the readers and most teenager’s mentality; A recent survey conducted by national coalition against bullying and girlfriend magazine (2006) found 42% of girls aged between 12-15 years reported being intimidated or denigrated online or via text. They survey also showed that nearly half the girls interviewed wouldn't report the incident either at school or to parents. <>. The thought that authoritative figures shouldn’t be informed about the situation is consistent throughout the novel and is clear in the statistic; this thought has the victim then thinking they are alone and without support. The novel then further explores the necessity of dealing with bullying and notifying authority, as the issue often seen lightly, can have serious consequences, many of which are incomprehensible to most. The novel presents a plausible example of the bulling present in contemporary society in a way where teenagers can relate and take away from the messages throughout.

Leading on from this is the discourse of acceptance and social hierarchy through teenagers explored throughout the novel. The want and need for social acceptance drives individuals to actions usually incomprehensible. This is seen through Sukey’s actions in the novel, her want to be apart of the ‘bitches’ group – the highest social group in the

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