Destiny By Accident Analysis

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Destiny By Accident
I asked my mother if she had always been like this, deranged and oblivious to how the world perceived her many lunacies. Behind closed doors, I was able to weather the storm that was my mother; but even in front of people she was unable to put up a facade and follow society's norms.
The people in town looked at her with questioning eyes, the mothers at the school wondering how tragic it was that she had put her only child in such unfavourable circumstances. The teacher’s requested for her to be a sweeter person for her daughter’s sake. Yet, despite the outside scrutiny, my mother was determined not to let external factors dictate the person she was intended to be.
She reiterated the story time and time again, how she
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She was unable to take of the rose coloured glasses and realize that her running away had not been the necessary remedy.
My mother’s job as a tent delivery woman, was barely making ends meet; and our time together was quickly coming to a close. I would soon be off to discover the world, and my mother would be forever stuck in her head. The reality was she had ran like a child from the firm grasp of her mother to a solitary life she was not prepared for. I could not be the adult any longer and unravel her, while still trying to ensure I was not tying myself up in her predicament.
My mother was enraged, she could not believe that I was that unappreciative for the life she had provided me. She demonstrated how open and free she had let me be, but in those moments I was not wanting independence but a little parental guidance from the women who claimed to be my mother.
She was unable to see that she was imposing on me the shackles that her mother had placed on her. She had run away from her mother; but that was simply a temporary fix, since the tangles still bound
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slowly progressed to the morning, my mother’s whereabouts began to worry me. My mother loved to do acts like these, go out and do something wild. I never could figure out if she was still attempting to defy her mother from all those years ago, or was she so riled up she was unable to face the matter at hand.
It had been my mother’s job to drive the truck around and haul around the piles of knotted rope and the tent for wedding parties, she would pitch the tent-pavilion set on wedding party lawns. She loved to see the temporary buildings go up, and then get torn down again. A person who was perfectly suited for their job, how often did you see that?
The fleeting moments of one event to another event, perfectly chronicled her life. Her inability to face the ordeal, and put a band-aid solution was present in all aspects of her life. From the start with her mother, to her temporary day-to-day with her job, and clearly in her unwillingness to face criticism from her own

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