Destination Wedding Essay

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A destination wedding doesn 't have to be more expensive than a local wedding celebration. A traditional venue along with the reception hall can be quite expensive while only lasting a limited amount of time. With a destination wedding, the couple gets to spend a few days in a beautiful location for a fraction of the cost. You can combine your wedding with your honeymoon, which will save you thousands in airfare and hotel since you 're already at your destination.

Pick Carefully
When you choose a destination wedding, you can stand on the beach in Jamaica, against the mountain as a backdrop in St. George, Utah or at a luxury villa in Spain. The destination you pick for your wedding and reception should be something near and dear to you. If
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It requires advance planning, money for plane tickets, hotel rooms and a passport. They 'll have to take vacation time from work to attend your wedding. Understand that not everyone will be thrilled with your choice, and not everyone will be able to attend. After talking to close friends and family, make sure you send save-the-date cards to the guests with all the information they 'll need to make a decision. It should have hotel information, the airport with flights and the wedding and reception information. The cards should be sent months in advance of the …show more content…
Unfortunately, real life isn 't the fairytale we 'd like it to be. There are hiccups and snags in any wedding day, but this can be worse when you have a language barrier problem or issues with currency exchanges. If you were home and forgot an important item like the rings, you 'd send someone to get them. When you 're thousands of miles from home, and your luggage seems to be lost, it can feel catastrophic. It helps to take a cue from the locals and relax. You 're in a beautiful location with the love of your life. Don 't let minor problems turn into major events that might ruin the

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