Destination Marketing Evaluation Essay

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The aim of this essay is to evaluate the main developments of Destination Marketing and critically discuss its effect on tourism industry. Introduction to tourism industry and the role of destination for this sector of economy will be initially demonstrated. Afterwards the role of tourism destination marketing and its origin in the 19th century will be presented, moving on to actual advances in information technology. The main components of destination marketing, identified with its development, will be examined in detail determining its role in the process. The bodies responsible for destination marketing in the area together with their specific functions will be subsequently introduced and supported with the example of Berlin. Then, …show more content…
The glamorous posters aroused desire of adventure and pleasure of the journey itself. Development of the formally funded marketing in 1920 through guide books, posters and newspapers advertising; initiated present foundation of the destination marketing organisations (Page et al., 2009). Over the years the tourism and hospitality industries started widely using the information technology (IT) in order to “reduce costs, enhance operational efficiency and most importantly to improve service quality and customer experience” (Law et al., 2007 cited in Woodside et al., 2011). Nowadays website is very often the first place consumer go in gathering information about destinations and afterwards in planning their trip. Therefore “the internet has become one of the most important sources of consumer information” (Zins, 2007 cited in Woodside et al., 2011) and tool to enhance destination competitiveness since through the internet the destination become more visible.
Within the destination marketing development the three components have been distinguished: brand, personality and image. According to Pike (2005), the destinations are the tourism industry’s biggest brands and the marketing future will be a battle of brands. In fact Kania (2001 cited in Baker and Cameron, 2007) argues that branding is actually fundamental component in destination

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