Desparity and Discrmination Essay

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There are many different situations that occur within the criminal justice system. However, the ones that are being used involve court procedures and law enforcement. The situations that will be discussed are disparity and discrimination existing in the criminal justice system. In certain situations disparity can be a result of discrimination depending on the situation. There will be definitions, examples, comparison, and contrast of disparity and discrimination. Disparity consists of two factors, which are called legal and extralegal and they may not necessarily mean discrimination. The legal factor provides legitimate base explanation for the decisions on the individual’s criminal behavior and criminal record. For example, in …show more content…
First, the institutionalized information is based on the criminal record or behavior. Second, the systematic is discrimination in the criminal justice system. Third, the contextual information is based on particular crimes. Lastly, individual acts of discrimination is based the acts of the individual. Discrimination is reveal to the individual in many different aspects and treatment received based on group affiliation such as nationality, class status, and much more. For example, in law enforcement they see a woman down a street known where prostitutes are. What the police officer does not know is the woman is coming from a bar, and she is walking home. The police officer pulls over, stops her, and arrests her because of outfit. He arrests her on the grounds that she is a prostitute because of her appearance. An example of discrimination, when a Middle Eastern woman is accuse of making terrorist threats. Instead of the judge looking at the lack or quality of evidence, the judge looks at nationality and past history. The judge decides that she is guilty because of the assumptions about Middle Eastern people. According to Toensing, ““Now it is not just us, but the international community that has recognized that indigenous peoples within the U.S. are subject to racism on many levels and has called for effective steps by the U.

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