Desktop Migration Proposal Essay

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Desktop Migration Proposal
Cameron Schmidt
CMIT 364 7982 Windows Desktop Operating Systems (2148)

Table of Contents
Background & Purpose 3
Overview 3
Hardware 3
Figure 1.1 4
Hardware Costs 5
Upgrade Benefits 6
Laptop/Tablet Hybrids Benefits 6
Objectives 6
Approach 7
Group Policy & Microsoft Accounts 9
Data Backup & Restore 9
Encryption 9
Networking 10
Anti-Virus & Protection 10
Post Migration 10
Roles & Responsibilities 11
Schedule 12
Deliverables 13
Works Cited 15

Background & Purpose

The purpose of this desktop migration proposal is to layout the proposed tasks and activities that are required to efficiently transition HACKM, LLC users from a Windows 7 computing environment to Windows 8. Currently, HACKM, LLC has 500
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Windows 8 gives PC users a whole new world of full-screen, touch-friendly, Web-connected apps to explore.
Laptop/Tablet Hybrids Benefits

2-in-1s come with the advantages of both tablets and notebooks. Typically they’ll have the form factor of a tablet, allowing users to easily enjoy their favorite websites and apps with touch like they would on an iPad. They sometimes boast better battery life than a typical notebook. They provide mobility advantages for personnel that are regularly on-the-go.

The objective of the task is to migrate all HACKM desktops to Windows 8 including all of the user’s files and folders with no data loss, with as much transparency to the user community as possible.

With any project, a well thought out and sound plan is necessary. Migration technicians will check the hardware compatibility list (HCL) to verify that the recommended hardware is compatible with the operating system. This includes visiting the vendor's website and checking for operating system compatibility. For specialty applications technicians will obtain the latest drivers for all hardware. If necessary, 64-bit drivers will be obtained before installation to ensure that devices are compatible with 64-bit operating systems.
Windows’ Upgrade Advisor will be utilized to determine whether any special modifications to system will be required for an upgrade. Technicians will use Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP) to automatically

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