Desiree's Baby Analysis Essay

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This essay will focus on the short story by Kate Chopin and its use of symbols, setting and characters. Desiree’s baby was perhaps one of the best stories I’ve ever read. Analyzing it was not easy at all. Its use of symbols was very hard to comprehend. At first, it doesn’t make sense. But as you think critically, all the symbols, and setting and the characters in this literature plunge together in one amazing story.
Literary Analysis on Kate Chopin's Desiree's Baby “Tell me what it means!” she cried despairingly.” It means,” he answered lightly, “that the child is not white; it means that you are not white” (Chopin, p. 192). Kate Chopin's "Desiree's Baby" is a well-known short story. “In her life, Kate Chopin
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The two characters soon got married and had a baby boy. Armand had changed into a kinder man after his marriage and the birth of his son. That gave so much joy to her. Four weeks after Desiree gave birth, her mother, Madame Valmonde, visited her and the baby. Madame Valmonde noticed the baby's mixed ancestry right away as she was looking at him. “This is not the baby!" (Chopin, p. 190). Desiree thought she was referring to how big the baby had grown. Madame Valmonde looked closely at the baby and agreed with her. I believe it was her way of hoping for the best. Madame Valmonde was wealthy but knew her influence would not be enough to help if anyone found out the baby was black. This would also mean certain social damage for Desiree having given birth to a black child. The environment changed quickly in L'Abri and Desiree was not aware of the circumstances that had changed it. Her husband had recognized that the baby was not white and had turned into his old hateful self and was ignoring his family in vain. One of La Blanche's quadroon boys was near the baby when Desiree noticed the resemblance of the skin color between the boy and her baby. Desiree confronted Armand and asked him to explain what the baby's color meant and how it happened. Armand immediately and harshly accuses Desiree of not being white like the baby. The quadroon boy is one-quarter Negro ancestry and so his mother La Blanch is

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