Designing And Throwing Events For Private And Corporate Customers

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My goal would be to attain a business that would be beneficial to entities that needed that extra help in making their dreams a reality when it comes to planning special events. I would want to open up a larger scale event planning business that initially started out as home based that would incorporate all types of event celebrations from parties, weddings, holiday events, and much more. I would utilize this business to further equip my planning capabilities and experience to good use by planning, designing and throwing events for private and corporate customers. I do not want to limit my business to only certain type of events but I want to encompass a plethora of events, even those with much detail. Furthermore, I would not just limit my abilities to social parties, but I would want to incorporate conferences, meetings, and fashion shows.

More importantly, when beginning a business such as event planning, it is critical that you take into account many varying factors such as your audience and how important they are to you and what impact I am aiming to make for them. Secondly, you must fully encompass finding out what the customers need to help in determining the proper venue, cost, day in which your event will be held, and advertising. Additionally, all these elements play a vital role in the budget. Lastly, furthermore, I would want my business to have a positive effect on the customers it serves and future potential customers. So it is highly important to give…

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