Essay on Designing And Developing Mood Light System

1979 Words Dec 12th, 2016 8 Pages
Designing and developing mood light in the aircraft was a sensation for many years the entire spectrum of technological innovations to fulfil passengers ever growing desire to increase comfort and create a harmony in every cabin. In contrast with the conventional cabin light, the mood light system was wonderfully smooth transition for the passenger’s enjoyment. The innovation allowed customers to relax and relish the lighting system that would adjust the illumination of the cabin between two flight phases slowly and gradually, in colour as well as brightness and shades. The lighting would adjust to an artificially shortened day during the flight to ensure that the passengers ' natural Biorhythms will be prepared slowly and gradually for the new time zone of their destination as well as during the in-flight clock. The result is a completely new flying experience for the passengers. The common flight scenario of how the mood light system will work when it is installed on board, will look like this: The cabin is bright and illuminating the airlines-corporate colours, while passengers board on to an aircraft, when the plane is preparing for the take off the colour will change to smooth yet natural tone. When the aircraft reached the cruising altitude, the cabin light-up bright and clear example amber shades-this will help passengers either to work or read. As the cabin, will start to prepare the passengers for a meal the lighting will change to a warm white…

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