Designing An Information Security Operation Center Essay

1078 Words Nov 21st, 2014 null Page
The increasing growth of cybercrime and the associated risks are forcing most organizations to focus more attention on information security. It is critical that organizations must find a way to protect their data. This article will describe how to plan, develop and create an Information Security Operation Center (ISOC). Basically, an ISOC brings together the many isolated monitoring and response functions in a unified framework. Therefore, having an ISOC will benefit organizations in real time security incident management, monitoring and improving threat analysis across network systems, efficient forensics and root cause analysis. Building an ISOC requires significant technical resources and time. This article will be focusing on the initial steps in the process of planning an ISOC, design and architecture, develop the business case and create an ISOC.
The first step in the ISOC planning process is to get an executive’s support. Since most of organizations’ senior managements are aware of the cyber threats facing their companies, further engagement may be required to address the important of the cyber security risk and the benefits of a consolidated approach to incident management. It is critical to show the senior managers to understand about the cyber security risks via routine presentations, summaries of cyber event metrics (the number of failed and successful cyber-attacks, third-party penetration testing that expose…

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