Designing An Graphic Design Of Graphic Designing Essay example

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Have you ever seen a logo of some big company and wondered how it was made or who even made it? How’d they even come up with the whole idea? These are the questions I ask myself frequently. I am interested in how these things were made and I want to learn how to make them all myself as well. For as long as i can remember, I have always been into art, I have always liked making little designs and just coming up with some random logos of random company names that I make up. I soon found out that there is a career in doing these types of things and it’s called Graphic Designing. In this speech, I will outline the job description, preparation and advantages and disadvantages of a career in graphic designing. First off, what is graphic designing? Its when one creates a design of some sort to meet specific commercial and or promotional use. Graphic designers have many responsibilities when it comes to making all of their designs. They have to make sure they are getting the message across and they have to make sure it 's getting across the the viewer nice and clear. If it is logos that they are intending on doing, the artist has to make sure that the designs or logos are neat, clear, visually pleasing, interesting, easy on the eye, and the most important, unique. Some of the skills needed to be graphic designer are things like reading comprehension, critical thinking, and a lot of your basic skills needed for pretty much any other job or career there is. One of the most important…

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