Designing A Tailored Liquefied Natural Gas ( Lng ) Certificate Program

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During the past few years the Canadian government has been providing less and less financial aid within the higher education sector. In order for Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) to make up for the short fall there has been a major focus to build up the earned revenue business with an emphasis on the corporate world both domestically and internationally. At SAIT a tailored program for corporate clients has been a primary selling point. Due to the fact that the earned revenue business at SAIT has more flexibility with their noncredit course offerings, there are more opportunities for a corporate client and new courses.
In the case of our Australian client a tailored Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) certificate program needs be created and in doing so many aspects have to be considered in the planning of a successful program in order to maintain the client. This paper will provide a program description, goals and objectives, a specific technology mediated learning (TML) and why it was chosen for the client, transfer of learning plans, assessment and evaluation strategies and critical success factors in the development and delivery of the LNG program.
Program Description
New Program Plans
In order for Global Operations and Maintenance Training (GOMT) to make the required changes for the corporate client, policies and procedures drawn out in assignment one were followed so that GOMT was able to receive the proper permissions. The stakeholders (see Appendix A)…

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