Designing A Support System Project Essay

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All projects have some type of plan behind them as a support system. Project are deigned to meet a type of need or necessity. Most project have a simple task but there is occasion where project have numerous undertaking. A project also includes having a clear and meaningful direction. Over the past years, there have been many projects that meant more to nation than just some type of project. For example, the year of 2001 will be a day that changed the landscape of New York. The World Trade Center destruction, that collapsed due to a terrorist attack, affected the lives of many people around the world. After a couple of years, a project was formed to rebuild the World Trade Center bigger and better (L.Richardson, 2015).
The newly formed project had a couple of main goals that the engineers wanted to accomplish. One goal was for the building to be stronger. The concept was to have the build withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornados. Another goal was to have the new World Trade Center was to ensure more safety for the people working. With wider stairs and illumined markers, this project set a new standard for building regulation for New York (L.Richardson, 2015). The Apollo space mission major goal was to land a person on the moon. From this project came many new inventions. The Apollo space mission consisted of new and revolutionized products that are still used today. Products from space suits to fire proof material, from the Apollo missions, had to be developed on…

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