Designing A Strong Foundation Can Make Or Break The Final Product

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When building any structure, forming a strong foundation can make or break the final product. A focus on customer satisfaction and the delivery of a high-quality product has remained the core of Seufert Construction since the beginning (Tretter, Scott 1). The base of this prosperous company began with a business not of construction, but rather monument making. A crafty artist and stone mason, Benedict Seufert went into business in 1870, hand-carving monuments and tombstones (Tretter, Kathy 1). Although this portion of today’s company, Seufert Construction, no longer contains a monument-making branch, it does continue to thrive with the improvements of each new ownership in the construction industry. Benedict’s career focused on carving ornate embellishments into monuments. However, he had a talent for building and eventually took up construction as well (Tretter, Kathy 1). To accommodate his growing business, Benedict purchased a building on 13th and Main Streets in Ferdinand, Indiana, in December of 1898 (2 Ruhe 1). Seufert Construction has held ownership of the building ever since. With this new space, Benedict began more construction projects. A few works completed under his ownership include the Academy building at the Monastery Immaculate Conception, Ferdinand grade school, and St. Henry Catholic Church, along with several homes and business buildings (Tretter, Kathy 1). Throughout these projects, Benedict’s sons—Leo, Albert, and Edward—began learning the works of the…

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