Designing A Specific Consumer Product Essays

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In the assignment, I would be evaluating a specific consumer product which I just recently bought a phone for myself on my birthday. The product is an Apple Iphone 6S Plus in space gray color. I was using Iphone 4s earlier and I switched to the 6S plus so I am still getting used to of the new phone. I have been associated with apple products for almost 6 years and everyone in my family is also using all the products be it ipad or iphone of same brand. This also evident that we are happy with the apple products and it is quite promising as well. A new product comes with its upsides and downside as well. Also, people have lots of hope and expectations from a brand like Apple, which has skyrocketed in past 8-9 years. Everyone is just awestruck with the name itself and they keep high expectations when considering buying any apple product.
As I said earlier, the iphone is by far the huge in size with a 5.5 inch length screen with curved edges. It is huge and quite wide for its screen also. The size of the iphone is 6.23 inches long. The best part in the iphone 6s plus is that it has long-life battery which provides users to stay without charging their phone for up to 16 days. Plus the phone comes in four other colors to set in mind for everyones’ preference. They are available in gold, silver, space gray, and rose gold. Moreover, one of the new features, which is quite interesting and creates curiosity for the new users, is the multi-touch gestures. The 3D touch can do a…

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