Designing A Product From A Display Unit At A Shopping Mall Essay

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Finally these games producer software device is fully inbuilt by electronic circuit and it is programed by several soft wares i.e. Verilog and VHDL (very hardware description language)(Johns, 2006).this is very useful for manufacturing the games software as customers’ needs. Every kids and youngsters have different taste and mentality, so they need different games software(Kirriemuir and McFarlane, 2004). This games producer software device is very helpful to develop the software as the customer needs.
The project is in the initial stage would need more updates and it is an idea to use the digital technology in consumer retail purchase. The project is all about reducing the time and cost on selecting and purchasing the product in a shopping mall without any waiting queue to select and bill. In addition fulfill the customer satisfaction
Current Business, Supply and Quality problems:
The project would address that the problem in selecting a product from a display unit in a shopping mall. As there is no big deal to select a product, various products are listed in the same range of products from different manufacturers, in large mall. This creates several confusions to customers. Normally our industry products play the role(Chesbrough, 2007).
The main issues for consumers in the mall and departmental store i.e. billing queue and rush the innovative products will resolve the issues and satisfy the customers. Customer satisfaction is very necessary for each and every…

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