Designing A Goal And Action Plans Essays

804 Words Nov 30th, 2016 4 Pages
Beginning with being assigned the task of creating a goal and action plans I was not really motivated to do the assignment. In the past, we have done goal setting for goals that I did not want to carry out. Instead for this assignment, we were given the opportunity to choose our goal and how we were going to carry it out. In addition, being able to reflect on times where we did not achieve our goal made me feel like the task would be more meaningful. I chose to create a goal relating to physical activity because I want to be more active and find a way to incorporate it into my life to reduce my stress. In the middle of the summer, I decided to purchase a bike to motivate me to be physically active as well. Considering other motivations to do physical activity, I had previously done hot yoga and that helped decrease my anxiety. Unfortunately, it was quite expensive and I could not afford it. I needed to find an outlet for my stress, that was more affordable and my parents had a family gym membership that I was still eligible to use since I am a student. Having access to a variety of exercise equipment and weight machines was an asset. I also had the motivation of friends and family to get me to go to the gym. Bearing in mind these motivations, there were also barriers throughout my goal and action plans. Starting off my goal, I was more motivated to do go biking and go to the gym but I found it hard to prioritize with the demands of school and my job. Although I wanted to use…

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