Designing A Customer Driven Marketing Strategy Essay

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In the textbook, the author includes a case on W Hotels. I’ve heard of W hotel and I have seen the one inside downtown Atlanta, but I have never been inside of one. From what I have read in the case W hotel is not just a high-end hotel service; the case says it’s not just a room, it’s part of an entire trendsetter lifestyle.

On page 193, there is a series of steps that describes designing a customer-driven marketing strategy. Companies must design a customer-driven market strategy to build the right relationships with the right customers. There are four major steps in customer-driven marketing. I believe the case best describes the outline and explains the steps for customer-driven marketing. The case says W Hotels prides itself on “offering guests unprecedented insider access to a world of ‘Wow’ through contemporary cool design, fashion, music, nightlife, and entertainment.”

The first step is market segmentation, a company has to divide the market into smaller segments of buyers with distinct needs, characteristics, or behaviors that might require separate marketing strategies or mixes. There are many ways a company can segment the market, but in regards to the case I assume W Hotel focuses on geographic, demographic, psychographic, and international markets. W Hotel has 54 properties in many countries. What makes their hotels stand out is the fact that none of them look alike. In the case, the author mentions W Hotels doesn’t really think of itself as just a hotel…

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