Designing A Cloud Storage Emulator Essay

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section{EXPERIMENT SET-UP} In this section, we show how the proposed framework was evaluated. First of all, we have designed and implemented a cloud storage emulator, especially for this work (in JAVA environment ) to emulates performance and costs. The emulator is flexible and capable of emulating any number of cloud storages, simultaneously . The performances of the providers in this emulator have been set up to act like the performances of Google Cloud storages services , Amazon S3 , Microsoft Azure Storage, and Rackspace Cloud File; which have been measured using the extit{performance analysis services} of the "". Then, APPM has been trained based on an access log file for several department systems of a large organisation ( SFD ,, which has been generated based on file workflow for the system of vacations, payroll, financial reporting, and budget. Recall that, the goal of APPM is to predict ,a priori, access pattern attributes for each file ,which they are : lifetime , the number of read, and number of write. \ The log file consist of the following file attributes:Department owner of File,File Owner Position Level,Day of year on which file was created,File Size,File extension (docx,xlsx,pdf,txt..etc), and File category (general letter, finance, Vacation, etc.).\ Afterwards, we used the following statistics methods to evaluate the overall quality of the APPM: egin{itemize} item Correlation…

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