Designing A Classroom For The School Year Essay

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During this task, I was assisting my mentor teacher in preparing the classroom for the school year. This involved desk arrangements, seating arrangements, decorating the classroom, etc. The seating arrangements were made in order to support student collaboration and interaction. The rest of the classroom set up was helping in creating a welcoming environment.
The beginning of the school year was being planned during this time such as first week activities and lessons. These were formed around setting expectations, teaching procedures, and getting to know each other. It aided in help set goals while taking in account the learners of the soon to be community.

Collaborating with staff was one of the main purposes of the day’s professional development activities. I learned who and where to go if I needed assistance and/or resources. I learned about the the population of the school and how important it is to take in student’s backgrounds into consideration to meet their needs.
The writing seminar was planning around instruction with Lucy Calkins and how to deadlines and goals for the classroom. I was introduced to Lucy’s strategies and purpose in the curriculum.

Planning with the first grade team consisted of the schedule, diving up duty for recess, going over curriculum to cross plan, and setting up a general idea of content being taught for the first few weeks.

This meeting went over reviewing what was to follow the next week, and updates about the committees. This…

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