Designing A Business Plan And Presentation For A Product I Invented

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Writing, either hand written or typed, is being used as a tool for self-expression at any moment of the day. We all use writing to accomplish many goals, big or small. I believe my most memorable accomplishment in writing was in DECA. I had to create a business plan and presentation for a product I invented. I will further reflect on my accomplishment from the beginning process to the end.
DECA is a club that helps students grow experience and passion for business, finance and marketing. From the beginning of my freshman year in high school, I was in DECA but never participated in any yearly competitions. After my third year in the club, I felt like I was not doing anything to benefit the organization. Now I had the feeling to do something but all that I needed was the motivation to go for it. My marketing teacher/organization advisor also believed that I needed to contribute, so she was able to guide me to the right category for me. I competed in the Entrepreneur Innovation Plan category which I had to invent a new product and present to judges like the television show, Shark Tank. With the help of my teacher/organization advisor, I came up with an idea for a new innovation and was able to come up with a starting point.
The innovation that I invented was a traditional backpack that had a cooling and heating technology to provide comfort for your back. With me having an idea, now I needed to create a business plan. My business plan consisted of how I was going to incorporate…

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