Designated Smoking Areas Needed for College Campus Essay

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College campus’s are in need of an area for those who smoke to do so in a safe environment. Right now the only place for us to go is the unsafe streets surrounding the campus. Although smokers choose an unsafe habit, it is their right to do so in a safe area. It is the college’s duty to provide this safe place.
It is estimated that 28.5 % of college students are smokers ( There has been an increase in colleges and other corporations to have smoking bans, it is their belief that faculty and students will quit smoking. The main cause of doing away with smoking on campus is also to provide a place where second hand smoke is not an issue for those who choose not to light up. I agree that those who choose not to smoke should not be
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If the campus is smoke free then the litter problem spills over to the area streets surrounding the college( You would have no problem locating where smokers go to enjoy their breaks. The ground and ditches are littered with cigarettes due to no receptacles. This leads to environmental hazards, as well as unsightly piles of cigarettes. This will have a negative impact on the school because visitors not only look at the school grounds but what surrounds it. It will cost the city of Fort Smith thousands of dollars to clean up. Not to mention the worst fate of them ending up in our rivers and lakes that supply us with drinking water.
We need to have areas on our campus where students can come together to smoke in a safe area with receptacle bins. Colleges that have implemented this can see a difference in all the aspects we have talked about. It separates smoking from non smoking students. No one is forced to breath second hand smoke. Litter problems are solved because students are using the large ash trays instead of walking around and then having no where to put the cigarettes. This saves the school money and the community money on having to pay thousands of dollars to pick up trash on campus or the surrounding streets. The biggest reward for the college in allowing designated smoking areas are knowing they are doing all things possible to keep their students safe and not picking on a particular person who has a legal right

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